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Teacher Organizations and groups
Welcome to The Association of Teachers of Japanese
Can't forget ATJ

Formerly known as NCSTJ, National Council of Japanese Langauge Teachers, now have Web page.

Welcome to ATJO
JTAT Homepage
BATJ homepage
Japanese Teachers' Association of NSW
New Zealand Association of Japanese Language Teachers - NZAJLT
Verein der Japanisch-Lehrkrテ、fte in der Schweiz
CAJLT Homepage
AJLS home page
CASLS HomePage
Nihongo kyouiku gakkai
JSLAR Info Page
NikoNiko Net

Teacher Resources (Japanese specific)
Mayumi Ishida sensei is generously sharing her teaching materials. Thank you!

Treasure hunt for Japanese teachers. Teaching materials and JLPT prep materials!

Nihongo Memo - Resources
Muroya sensei of Victoria, Australia has put together really useful resources for Japanese teachers. Thank you so much!

J-Web is created and maintaned by Kokken and its institute participants. Japanese teachers, check it out!

Japanese Textbook Discussion Board
Inquire/express opinions on different Japanese language textbooks.

International Japanese language Studies Database Analysis
Regarding Japanese language education all over the world!

nihongo kyouiku tsuuhin
Now newsletter is available on the Web via PDF.

chat board for Japanese language teacher

bunpou jouhou
Click on Ch. 2. Summary of archive postings from ALC bulletin board for Japanese teachers. Nicely layed out according to grammar points of Japanese.

Mosaic Homepage
The Japanese Language Resource
Nihongo Kyouiku Network
日本語教師のためのOn-Line IT講座
Takarabako Web
Teaching about East Asia
The way we are: lesson plans
About Japan Home Page: lesson plan
LOTE Teachers' Resource Network
Teachers Resources
BC Education - Japanese 5 to 12: Table of Contents
NYS Languages Other Than English
Nihongo online
Comprehensive support network system for teaching Japanese as a foreign language
to become a teacher of Japanese
Nihongo kyouzai toshokan
National Diet Library: Japanese Education
"Kyokasho o Tsukuro - Basic Resources for Secondary-Level Japanese"
nihongo kyouiku message board
Strategy Instruction for Japanese Students
Hypermedia Corpus of Spoken Japanese
日本語学習者による日本語作文と, その母語訳との対訳データベース オンライン版
Tokyo and Japan in real-life pictures: Japan travel photo guide
The REALIA Project: Japanese
MSN-Mainichi Daily News: Photo Specials
Images of Japan
Smithsonian Education - Japan: Images of a People
twinIsles Japan
Picture Cards of Japanese Verbs
AV Resource Database for Japanese Language Instruction
Elementary school pictures in Japan
TJF Photo Data Bank: Introduction
Photo Gallery"SAIKAN"
CASTEL illustration database
Image Database for Instructors of Japanese
Daily Lives of Japanese High School Students : The Way We Are
Frantisek Staud - Travel Photography
Japan Picture Gallery, Washington University
A Day with Kentaro
The Japanese WebLab by Francis Britto
Kyouan no hiroba
JLE Newsletter
nihongo kyouiku tsuuhinn
Japan-U.S. Discussion Forum
Learning Scnearios by Indiana teachers
Songs in Japanese | National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies
Linguistics Web Sites in Japan
Hanamaru World (Teachers community in Japan)
The Japanese Language
Japanese Linguistics
Japanese Mailing Lists
Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange
Nihongo Kyouikushi
Teaching (and Learning) About Japan
to become a teacher of Japanese
Resources for Teaching About Japan
AAU/ARL Japanese Journal Access Project

Teacher Resources (NOT Japanese specific)

Learning Scenarios
Essentials of language teaching
National Standards in Japanese (PDF)
Welcome to JLCWEB
Foreign Language Study and the Human Brain
California Foreign Language Project: Research and Publications
Sunshine State Standards
Technology and Language Instruction
Menu: Inservice technology for FL teaching K-12
FL Rubrics
Foreign Language Advocacy
Portfolio Asessment
Language Learning & Technology
Foreign Language Technology Strategies
Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes, CLTA California Language Teachers Association, CFLP California Foreign Language Project
Educator's Reference Desk
Web Sites for Foreign Language Teachers
But I Only Have E-mail
UT System Digital Library: Copyright Tutorial
HTML Crash Course for Educators
McGraw-Hill PageOut(R)
Education World(R) :Foreign Language Center
Potato Skins: Wrap your Hot Potatoes in a whole new Skin
Professional Resources
TPR Storytelling
Faculty Development 101
WELL Project
The Amazing Picture Machine
Langpix: Pictures for language teaching!
MSU CLEAR clipart
UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library
Japan - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.Com.
ESL Action Photos
ICT4LT English Modules
Technology Tips of the Month
Microsoftィ Clip Art and Media
Teaching Resources
Yahooligans! Teachers' Guide
State certification info
Web Based Learning resources library
Computer Assisted Language Learning
The One Computer Classroom
Technology for language teaching
Language Learning
Internet Workshop: 10 steps to basic web pages - Start
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents

CALL Materials (Japanese specific)

The Virtual CALL Library: Japanese
School Calendars Around the World

On-line Materials (Japanese specific)

Deai Website
If you teach in K-12 schools in English speaking countries, hurry up and ask for the kit. If you don't, explore the web site. This is a wonderful set of materials generously produced and distributed by the Japan Forum.

Ujie sensei's Media Center
Awsome work, Ujie sensei! Copyright free still images and videos (delivered in CD) for educational use.

Japanese Language Material Ring
Japanese teachers making their materials alone? Why don't we share using the internet?

Sensei Salon - Teaching Tools
Rushton sensei generously shares his high school teaching materials with all of us!

LearningLanguages.Net - Home
Plenty of nice links. Make sure to choose Japanese from the top page.

Free Japanese Reward Sticker site
Please feel free to print and use. What you can do is to buy full sheet lable paper, and print it and literally cut them into pieces! In my monitor and printer, you will get 96 stickers per a sheet. (I don't know if this matters, but my monitor is set 640x480). Please take advantage of it. It is free, but please don't claim this is your job and please don't sell it as yours (Maybe just lable cost to distribute.)

Japanese Projects
Purdue University is making various resources availabe such as royality-free photo gallery, computer literacy of Japanese teachers and much more! Hatasa sensei gokurou sama desu.

CJLEA Database Project
Members of Colorado Japanese Language Education Association developed materials and you can search them by teacher, theme and grammar.

Free Blank Outline Maps of Japan
If you can't draw, but want to use a blank map, visit there, print and use it in class!

Nagoya University WebQuests
Materials made available by Professor Ujie
Materials for Japanese Teaching and Learning
Japanese Folktales Lesson Plan
Songs in Japanese Lesson Plan
Activities on Japan at
Cyber Map Exercise
CIC Computer-based Instructional Resources for Japanese (CIC-JAPIR)

On-line Materials and Tools (NOT Japanese specific)

The Gong Project - The Web Voice Communication Tool
The Gong web voice system has been released as a free project. It is now also freely available as an integrated module for the Moodle LMS system.

Formerly RTA. Proven to work with Japanese.

Filamentality 2.0
Scripts for Educators: QuizTest!
Webauthor - Home
UCLA Language Materials Project Index Pages
A Web-Based Quiz Generator for Use in Tutorials and Assessment*
History of CALL Exhibition
U of A Computer Aided Language Instruction Group
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
The Game-O-Matic
Quia! Create your own learning activities!
Quiz Generator Soemarmo's Multiple-choice
Host Classroom Game Shows with PowerPoint
TexToys - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Teachers and Kids
WWW Course Creation Sites
Developing Web Materials (OU CALL)
PBS TeacherSource - Teaching with Technology
Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes
Technology for language teaching (OU CALL)
Language Interactive
UMass FLRC Copyright References by Irene Starr
The WebQuest Page
New Tools for Teaching: J.J. O'Donnell