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Free or close to free downloadble goodies.

Twin Bridge Asian Viewer for PC
JREADER Information Page
Japanese WWW Page viewer

View Web page in Japanese for free!

NJSTAR Japanese word processor
JWPce Support Information
Here is your downloadable wa-puro for PC.

Microsoft Global IME
This will allow your Word 2000, Outook and Internet Explorer write in Japanese.

Mojibake fixing
They can fix most mojibake problems on reading e-mail in Japnaese.

Japanese Fonts
Fancier Japanese fonts. Unlike Osaka or honminchou, you use one roman letter for one character. Read "Read Me" carefully.

Free Word Processors From Nisus Software Inc.
Zafir:Text editor for Japanese, Chinese and Korean without Language kit
Mariner Write (print vertically)

Japanese Learning products and help

Languageplus - Language Activities for Teachers and Students of Japanese and French- Classroom Activities
Kanji dictionary JISHOP Robo-Sensei: Personal Japanese Tutor
幼児教育もじもじ Input!
Voice of Japan - Japanese voice generation - read hear listen speech speak ( text to speech TTS )
KanjiBrowze - Ultimate Freeware Japanese Character Browser
Kanji Learner - CNETAsia
Japanese Vocab - CNETAsia
KanjiQuick Voice - CNETAsia
FUYO SOFT: Japanese Learning Software for PCs, Cellular Phones and PDAs
Japanese Software and Information
Declan Software's Japanese Language Learning Software
Welcome to Nihongo Learning Systems!
LexiKAN Japanese Kanji Flashcard Software
Mentalcode: Flashcard Program
ALBIS: vocabulary learning system
KDrill info page
Rosetta Stone: Japanese
'Cab Software: Products
JapaneseForEveryone v.3.5 CD-ROM learn Japanese
Japanese Alphabet Hiragana Katakana
Parotto HomePage: A Beginner's Japanese program.
LITTLE EXPLORERS by Enchanted Learning Software
Edict and ChaSen assisted Kanji-reading (frames)
Japanese software
Japanese software
Declan Software's Japanese Language Learning Software
JquickTrans: Dictionary . Translation . Study
KanjiBrowze - Ultimate Freeware Japanese Character Browser
Free Light Japanese to learn Japanese language
ECTACO Japanese items
Human Japanese--an interactive textbook based on CD-ROM.
The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
Smart Start Japanese
World of Reading, Educational Software, Books, Tapes and Videos.
QuickScholar Software
Lindeman Systems International, Ltd. - KanaPro 2.0
UniDict Page

Info on Japanese and computing

Multilingual Features in Windows XP Professional
Is it true I can do Japanese on XP with no extra program? Find out!
I deeply bow to Gonta-san. He is a computer wiz with a big, warm heart. He has been trouble-shooting Japanese computing.

Installing East Asian Language Support Under Windows XP
Christopher Bolton's Japanese for Your Mac
Sending and Receiving E-Mail in Japanese under Windows: An Overview
Installing and Using East Asian Languages Under Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP
WD2000: General Information About the Phonetic Guide
Office XP Tool: Global IME (Japanese)
Office XP Tool: Japanese Language Pack
Japanese Computing: A Short Introduction
cjk language computing
Adobe Acrobat Reader - Asian font packs
Using Japanese Language on Windows 2000
Japanese Computing
Japanese Email Software
Unicode and multilingual font and keyboard utilities
Viewing and Inputting Japanese Text in Windows
AppleCare Tech Info Library -Japanese Language Kit: Selecting The Kana Keyboard
Japanese Software and Information
Multilingual Setup for Win2K
Nihongo Computing--Japanese language on computers
Japanese-Capable Software
FAQ for computers running Western Windows
Ken Lunde's Homepage
MS Global IME and Word 2000
Using Japanese language on your computer

Computer software vendors
PSP | Language Solutions Group
Japanese software
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
Nisus Software Inc.
Gakusoft's Products