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WAOE Home (Japanese site)
World Association for Online Education. Now membership free and I will organize the online conference next year. Check it out.

ALLEX: Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange
The Association for Asian Studies
Access Asia - Japan
AskAsia Home Page
A S I A for E D U C A T O R S | Columbia University
Asian Educational Media Service
AJBS: The Association of Japanese Business Studies
National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies
NNELL Homepage
American Council on Immersion Education
Language Policy Web Site
SCOLA's Home Page
Asynchronous Learning Network
ERIC - Education Resource Information Center
ERIC Digest List - by Title
National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center
Center for Global Teaching and Learning: Fairleigh Dickinson University
EUROCALL: European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning
NECTFL -- Reviews
CASIE: Center for the Advancement of International Education
NCLRC homepage
Welcome to CLEAR!
The National Language Research Institute -(E)
Language Learning
Harvard Educational Review
U of MN: Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition
IALL Home Page
The Modern Language Journal
Modern Language Association of America
MLA Language Map
Association of Departments of Foreign Languages
Second Language Learning Strategies Project
Welcome to the ETS Net
Asia-Net, Inc. : Japanese, Chinese and Korean employment.
Center for Applied Linguistics
The National Language Research Institute -(E)
International Student Center, University of Tsukuba
ADLP HomePage
Education Policy Studies Laboratory: Language Policy Research Unit--Arizona State University
CALPER: Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (former INS)
NFLRC Foreign Language Testing Database
School For International Training Home Page
The Experiment in International Living
Center for Language Education and Research