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Welcome to my Bookmarks. One-stop site for those who study and teach Japanese and Japan. Teachers, please consider joining SenseiOnline network, a mailing list that I manage for teachers of Japanese and others who are interested in Japanese educaiton. I consider it as an online community. If you are interested in senseiOnline, please contact me for details.

I have been enjoying teaching Japanese at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, USA. I try to spend research and attend conferences as much as I can. I am presenting in SWCOLT 2007 and CASTEL-J in Hawaii. I am waiting to hear if I can present in ACTFL in one of my favorite places, San Antonio, TX. I hope to update the site in May, 2007.

Feature sites for this edition

Welcome to Gakusei Seikatsu: Japanese Student Life
AATJ summer institute participant, Andrew Scott sensei put together this wonderful site to introduce students' lives in Japan.

Ever wondered the origin of a Japanese word? Did you know ズボン came from French?

Mayumi Ishida sensei is generously sharing her teaching materials. Thank you!

Treasure hunt for Japanese teachers. Teaching materials and JLPT prep materials!

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