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Table of Contents
Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionaries
Kanji, Kana help
On-line Japanese tutoring
Survival Japanese
Let's chat
Reference materials on-line
"Short cut" (translation) sites
Teach your children some Japanese and about Asia!
Japanese Language Proficiency Test info
Japanese class offered online, class homepage
Other learning sites
For speakers of other langauges than English

Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionaries

If you still have a computer with no Japanese capability, this site will still let you use Japanese-Japanese, Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionaries.

Dictionary for Beginners
This is a downloadable dictionary for beginners. Thanks to uŠCŠO‚É“ú–{Œê‹³Þ‚ð‘—‚é‰ïv of Kyoto Tachibana Women's University.

If you haven't seen this page, you should. You will be amazed! Enter the URL you want to go and as you move your mouse over the text, it will give you translation! Japanese to English, English to Japanese y español al inglés.

Kanji Furigana (Hiragana) for Japanese Learners
kids.goo provides easy search and furigana service for your ease of reading online. Prof. Miwa of LESSON/J made an easy interface where you enter URL of the site you want to read with Furigana.

uPal: United Portal for Advanced Learning
Free Online Bidirectional English-Japanese Dictionary
Japanese Reading System of Multi-Lingual Environment "ASUNARO"
Japanese-English-Japanese Electronic Dictionaries (denshi jisho)
Jisyo.org - Japanese and Chinese pop-up hints!
goo [‘ŒêŽ«“T]
Free Online Bidirectional English-Japanese Dictionary
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary
KanjiQuick Japanese English Kanji Dictionary
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary
ChaSen (Japanese edition)
Sanseido web dictionary
WWWJDIC: E->J Lite Word Search
Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI)
Japanese dictionary
Japanese Dictionaries
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary
Japanese-English Dictionary Portal
yourDictionary.com • Altaic Languages
Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI)
Online Language Dictionaries and Translators
an open, free, online Japanese-English dictionary
JavaDict Reference
Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server
Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary - Gateway
Dictionary Linked System
Reading Tutor (good dictionary)
Jim Breen's WWWJDIC
WWWJDIC: E->J Lite Word Search
JquickTrans - Dictionary . Translation . Study
WebLsd Query Input
Babylon - Dictionary and Translator
Convert Web Page Kanji to Furigana
Kakasi web frontend
kanji romaji hiragana conversion
Japanese-English Dictionary Interface: ROMAJI converted to KANA, Japanese and English (no conversion)
CJK-English Dictionary
Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI)
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
yourDictionary.com - Altaic Languages
Teachionary: Japanese Word Sets
Japanese-English Dictionary of Business and Finance
The Counting Dictionary (jp)

kanji, kana help

The original Gahoh creator had to discontinue the site. So here comes Shinagawa sensei to the rescue!

Kanji alive: Overview
Another great kanji site by University of Chicago. You can watch animation, search, customize and more. Check it out!

The Kanji SITE - A guide for students of Japanese Kanji
A lot of classes use this site!

Kanji Clinic
The creator, Mary Sisk Noguchi, has been writing for The Japan Times called "Kanji Clinic." The Kanji Clinic Web site includes all previous columns, reviews of kanji learning materials, several papers I have written on kanji learning, and response from Japan Times readers/visitors to the site. Check it out!

Kanji Game
Using shockwave and other cool tools.

Otake Japanese Calligraphy
Let's take a look at kanji as the way should be: in brush

Java game of hiragana and katakana
New academic year brings a lot of kana learners, I know. Good luck!

Moshi Moshi Kana Activities
Real Kana - Practice Hiragana and Katakana
Kana Flashcards
Kana Page
TFE - Kana Tutorials
JWL on the Web
Real Kana
Drill the Kanji An on-line Java flashcard program for studying and testing yourself on kanji, including on-yomi, kun-yomi and meaning tests
GCSE Picture Cards
Japanese Kanji Search
Kanji Networks. Etymologies of kanji, Chinese characters as used in Japan.
gahoh Home Page-E
Griffith University kanji frame
The Kanji Master Program
University of Virginia Online Kanji Exercises
Today's ii-Kanji
LexiKAN Japanese Kanji Flashcard Software
kanji no undou jou
kanji no renshuu
JLPT Kanji - Printer-friendly Lists
The Japanese page.com: Kanji
Welcome to Kanji Practice
A Door to the World of Kanji
KANJI of electrical appliances
Kanji Cafe
On-line Learning and Teaching with The Japanese Writing System*
Kana Flashcards
kana chart (kanachart.com) - with hiragana, katakana, and kanji
Fachverband Japanisch JaF (English page on Japanese, Kanji and Kana)
The KingKanji Flashcard Page
Welcome to Kanji Practice
Jeffrey's Kanji Lookup
Kiki's Kanji Dictionary
Kanji Dictionary: dictionaries for learning Japanese
Kanji no gakushuu
Kanji Game!
Kanji Names Project
Kanji Gold HomePage: A Japanese kanji program.
Joyo 96 Home Page
Java Kanji Flashcards 500
MIT Kanji projects: Yookoso kanji
JDrill kanji quiz and lookup
Beginner Home Page
moji no page
Ultimate Kana Challenge
Kanji Game, a free program for studying Japanese characters. Learn Hiragana, Katakana, compounds, and vocabulary.
ChipChat Japanese Training: Hiragana Drill
hitsujun kun hiragana
hitsujun kun katakana
Japanese Writing Tutor
Do NihonGo / Kanji / Hiragana / Japanese Learning Software
Hiragana Steps
Katakana Steps
Free Light Japanese: Learn Kana

On-line Japanese tutoring

Nakama Vocab podcasting
If you use Nakama textbook, take subscribe to this podcasting to learn the vocabulary. Thank you, Shinagawa sensei!

JGram - The Japanese Grammar database
This site is a community for learners of Japanese to help with Japanese grammar. Neat.

Usagi-Chan's Genki Resources
If you use "Genki", take advantage of this site by CSCU. And study hard!

Chuuta Reading Materials
Chuuta's Legend continues. Reading Materials page.

Keep your personal vocabulary list online, make flash cards and more!

Weekly updated internet radio broadcast from Kobe University!

Concentration Games for Yookoso
Ochiai sensei of Mesa Community College and Ioroi sensei of University of Florida developed these interactive exercises for you!

This site provides useful dialogues in elementary school setting in Japan. Nice graphic and audio!

WWWJDIC Translation Aid
Famous JDIC dictionary database helps you read online materials.

Charles Kelly's Japanese Language Study Website
Prof. Charles Kelly teaches English in Japan and his creation of online exercises for Japanese learners is just as amazing as his English ones!

Friends of NAKAMA
If you use Nakama, this site contains Glossary and more.

Japanese Language Education System for Speech on an On-demand Network (LESSON/J)
If you think it is impossible to study pronunciation online, think again. Miwa sensei is a super-nice computer teacher from Iwate. This award-winning site uses Java.

Cyber Map Exercise
Cyber Map Exercise II
Please take a look and send me e-mail for your suggestions. onegai shimasu.

Vocabulary/Kanji/Conjugation Exercise for Japanese
Latest on Purdue learning programs for Mac.

Japanese distance learning from GA. Great resource, too!

JP NET Home Page
MIT is sharing their program here including kanji and reading practice.

If you want to study Japanese with original manga with audio, here is the site for you!

JGram - The Japanese Grammar database
This site is a community for learners of Japanese to help with Japanese grammar. Neat.

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese
An companion site of the textbook "Genki".
Genki Exercises
Genki Online

Jim Breen's Japanese Page
Famous Professor Breen's Page!

Japanese Insta-Class Page

Modern Japanese lessons for (Japanese) university entrance exam
If you are an advanced reader and looking for some challenge, try this site.

Yookoso! I Student Center
Yookoso! II Student Center

Japanese Exercise with Kanji / Japanese Language, Literature and Culture/DAMELL'S JAPAN PROGRAM
Learn Japanese faster easier
About TangoTown
Online Japanese Practice
Daily Page for Students of the Japanese Language
Kenkyuukai.com - Learn Japanese with students at your level!
Learn to Speak Japanese
Japanese Vocabulary Lessons
A blog with tips & tricks to learn Japanese online
Omoshiroi Japanese Online: Fun Studying
Japanese: Vocabulary Guide
Online Japanese Practice
Japanese Lessons
Welcome to the Nihongo Resources website!
KITAJIMA Chizuko's Japanese lessons
Free Japanese Lessons. An Awardwinning Personal Guide to Stratford-upon-Avon
Materials Created by Emi Ochiai Ahn
Web Japanese Brush Up Your Japanese !
Quia - Class Page - Mr. Michael Kluemper
Quia - Japanese - top 20 activities
Japanese Language Practice - NZAJLT
Japanese vocabulary guide
Japanese by self-study or far away from a face-to-face class
Japanese: Learn Japanese language, grammar, kanji, culture and more for FREE!
Japanese for Busy People Supplement Materials
Lessons for "An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese"
Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese
Learn Japanese On the Web, CosCom
e-Japanese : Japanese Language Portal Site
Japanese Lesson From Basics
Wakatta! A Senior High School Japanese Course
Mertz sensei nihongo clinic
Exercises Index - Japanese On-line - Monash University
Japanese Lessons with audio files
Speak as Romans Speak
English-Japanese Vocabulary Quizzes
Japanese: Vocabulary Guide
Languageplus - Japanese Activities for Teachers and Students of Japanese - Classroom Activities
Japanese Language
Learn Japanese at Japanese 1-2-3.com
e-Learning Japanese
Welcome to the Japanese Learning Environment !
YesJapan.com - Learn Japanese on the Internet!
Japanese Lessons
Griffith University grammar frame
A Logical Japanese Grammar
Tae Kim's Japanese guide to learning Japanese grammar
Japanese for the Western Brain
Japanese: Learn How to Wow! with the Japanese language
Nihongo Web: online Japanese language course
Free Japanese Lesson
Japanese/English Flashcard Generator
English/Japanese Flash Cards
Japanese Flash Card
Reading Tutor Homepage (good tutorial)
Verb Inflection Analyzer
ChipChat Japanese Training
The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive
Public Speech Analysis System: PASTE
Griffth University Japanese Resource Home
Learn Japanese - Free!
Absolutely Learn Japanese-Online
Japanese Language - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese
Teach Yourself Japanese
Japanese Language Information - Learning Japanese

Survival Japanese
Say Hello in the Japanese Language
Chiron's Survival Japanese Course
Do NihonGo/Fundamental Japanese Course
YesJapan.com Japanese Lessons (Not Free)
Learn Japanese (Not Free)

Let's chat
Nihongo Chat Introduction (English)
Ghost Chat
a chat room in Japanese

Referenece materials on-line
Can't read Japanese newspaper? How about those for elementary school stduents?

Japanese Plays
This site has various stories that Autralian secondary schools have used. Check it out!

Kid's News Weekly
Kuma nichi kodomo net

Folk Legends of Japan - Kids Web Japan
Digital EHON site
Digital EHON site
Japanese Stories
Old Stories of Japan
Web Ehon
Japanese Text Initiative: Classical Japanese
Aozora Bunko
Japanese Literature
A list of E-text
WORDTHEQUE - Word by word multilingual library
Mick'sŽÀ—p•¶—áW ŠeŽíŽèŽ†‚̏‘‚«•û
Ž€Œê's HomePage
Japan Classic Literature Research Institute
Your Name in Japanese :: Japanese Translator.co.uk
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan - Preface

"Short cut" (translation) sites
SYSTRAN - eServices - SYSTRANBox
Translators' Internet Resources [INDEX]
AltaVista - World / Translate
Excite ƒGƒLƒTƒCƒg : –|–ó
AltaVista - World / Translate
Babylon - Dictionary and Translator
infoseek ƒ}ƒ‹ƒ`–|–ó
’¼Žq‚Ì‘ã•M: Letter writing software
Pacific International Japanese Technical Language Services
Honyaku Home Page
EtoJ Web Server

Teach your children some Japanese and about Asia!

Welcome to Gakusei Seikatsu: Japanese Student Life
AATJ summer institute participant, Andrew Scott sensei put together this wonderful site to introduce students' lives in Japan.

The Lives of Japanese Elementary School Students
Now lives of grade 6 Class 1 is added on top of famous Kentaro-kun.

Japan Through Young Eyes
Travel for Kids: Japan
ZOOM SCHOOL Japan by Enchanted Learning
ABCTeach: Japan
Kids' Space Connection
World Jump
Japanese For Elementary School Students - Homepage
Japanese recipes for Kids
Kids Yahoo J
World Peace Project Start Page
Elementary school pictures in Japan
Kidlink - Global Networking for Youth through the Age of 15
Japanese for Young English Speakers: index
Asia for Kids
Kids' Japan

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Japanese Learning Tools at TIU
Kanji, vocab are checked according to the test levels. Also handy dictionary and kanji reading machine. (I know YOU appreciate it.) Now it has an English index.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test - Vocabulary Lists
What is the JLPT like?
nihongo koyouiku nouryoku shiken ALC
nihongo kyouiku nouryoku shiken
JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test(JETRO Test)
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Internet Japanese Test: SUSHI
SAT Subject Test in Japanese with Listening

Japanese class offered online, class homepage
Burnaby Mountain Secondary School
BYU Independent Study - Distance Education Courses - Online Learning
Online Japanese: Mesa CC
Griffith Japanese Nathan Home Page
Satoru Shinagawa Home Page
Japanese Online - Monash University
Japanese on-line project

Other learning sites

Ever wondered the origin of a Japanese word? Did you know ƒYƒ{ƒ“ came from French?

okochama kyoushitsu
Not a whole lot of materials, but simple materials can be transferred to teaching Japanese as a foreign/second language.

Nagoya-ben lessons by non-native
How to Speak Nagoya Dialect (–¼ŒÃ‰®•Ù)
oosaka ben
Nihon no kotowaza
Proverb dictionary
Japanese proverbs - Four-character idioms, Common idioms

For speakers of other langauges than English
Konshuu-no-sensei - introduction
Kotoba sagashi
Sobre Japon: Introducción a la cultura japonesa.
Multilingual Network ƒ}ƒ‹ƒ`ƒŠƒ“ƒKƒ‹ƒlƒbƒgƒ[ƒN
Página de la Red Multilenguaje, Español-Japonés: RMEJ
presentation d'espace japon
Virtualnye Susi
JAPONES para hispanohablantes / JAPANESE for Spanish Speakers

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