Integrating internet/WWW: Using and creating materials on-line

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
March 19, 2000

Keiko Schneider
Saboten Web Design

Internet and World Wide Web seems to be changing our ways of communicating and obtaining information. For Japanese teachers teaching overseas, it is full of exciting, up-to-date Japan. However we also should know that our pedagogical goals in our curriculum takes more weight than bells and whistles of using this new technology.

This presentation will explain how we can integrate Internet/WWW into our curriculum without time-consuming development on teacher's part. It will involve discussion of e-mail listserv for both professional development and class use; exploration of materials available on WWW; creation of a short on-line exercise

I Why should Japanese teachers use technology?
II Japanese-capable questions
III My Bookmarks
IV Five types of WWW instructional materials
V List serv
VI Listserv as a teaching tool
VII.Create quick on-line materials
VIII Why make a homepage and how?

This handout can be viewed at

I Why should Japanese teachers use technology?

Is it worth going through the technical problems and high cost? Is it going to take our job away? Educational purposes should come first.

II Japanese-capable questions

Windows 2000
Windows 95/98
Mac OS 9
Mac OS 8.x

My article on winter issue of AATJ newsletter: MS Global IME and Word 2000
Now Global IME works with Netscape Communicator as well.

Links to useful pages on this type of discussion

III My Bookmarks (New location)

IV Five types of WWW instructional materials (Japanese specific)

Type I

Good old paper materials went on-line to share with you!

Ujie sensei’s Audio visual resource Center
minasan ni tsukatte itadakitai kyouzai

Teaching Materials Archive by CAJLS of University of Oregon

Type II

On-line materials made by teachers to share with you!

MIT Japanese Language Program Web-based Materials

Purdue University Japanese Project

Professor Omoto from University of Michigan

Japanese Master Greg A. Dabelstein from Brisbane Grammar School, Australia

Professor Kikuchi from Georgia Tech

Type III

Use of WWW as authentic materials

Professor Morioka from University of California, Irvine

Selecting omiyage before returning home
Professor Yotsukura from University of Maryland
Takashimaya Virtual Mall has moved to

Sports and Leisure
Professor Levin from University of Minnesota

Kyoto/Giving Directions to a Sightseeing Spot of Your Choice
Professor Levin from University of Minnesota

Visiting Tokyo Disneyland
Professor Saito-Abott from California State University, Monterey Bay

About Japan
Professor Saito-Abott from California State University, Monterey Bay

Type IV

Cyber Textbook
Cyber Map Exercise

Type V

On-line delivered class

Professor Kikuchi via Web CT

Professor Shinagawa from University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College
His paper on TOHE conference
My report on his class site

Introduction to Japanese Online

AATJ participants Report

V.List serv


Nikoniko Net

Japanese Teachers and Instructional Technology
Write to LISTSERV@LISTS.PSU.EDU and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: SUBSCRIBE JTIT-L

Japan Teach
To subscribe to Japan Teach, send a message to and put "subscribe" (WITHOUT the quotes!) in the SUBJECT field.

Japan Teach-J
To subscribe to Japan Teach-J, send a message to and put "subscribe" (WITHOUT the quotes!) in the SUBJECT field.

To subscribe, send a message to with no subject and the line: SUB Nihongo <your real name>

Yamada Language Center at University of Oregon has a list of listserv that might be of your interest

If you are brave, try FLTEACH, Foreign Language Teaching Forum (about 100 messages a day)
Send a message to:
In the message put only the following: SUBSCRIBE FLTEACH firstname lastname

VI. Listserv as a teaching tool

Class Management and Assignment

Play with the server or do it yourself:

VII.Create quick on-line materials

Funbrain (Japanese OK!)
Sonomi Consul sensei’s particle multiple choice. Enter through quiz lab kids login and look at it.
secret word is: nihongo1

Hot Potatoes officially no support for Japanese)

Quia(only non-Java flashcard is Japanese capable)

Makers (Japanese OK!)
Hiragana shinkeisuijaku available from
Introduction to Japanese Online

The Game-O-Matic
(Probably Japanese OK, DHTML is used.)

Same principle used in my Cyber Map Exercise

EdTech Tools
(Don't select Japanese. Just ignore and will come up fine.)

senseiOnline will have online Benkyoukai on creating materials by Greg Dabelstein.

VIII Why make a homepage and how?

Just another skill?
Syllabus online, advocacy, advertisement

Learn to use "Save As" command of your word processor
Use Netscape Composer (Global IME will make you input Japanese!)

Netscape Composer Class

My EasyHomepage

Good Upload Instruction

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