Easy Home Page: Template

If you think my Sample Page is good enough to follow, here is the template to follow.

Step 1
First open html editor that can handle raw html. Simple Text, Notepad, Word or BBEdit Lite, etc.

Step 2
Second "Save as" and give a name that you want to use as part of URL. For example, this BBEdit document has a name "template.html". If you are using Word, make sure to see the option, and save as "Text Only". Save on desktop.

Step 3
Now copy on what's on this pages between two lines. And paste on the blank page you just saved. And save it again.


<body bgcolor="??????">
<img src="http://???.???.???/????" align="right" >

<!Write your body after this line.>


<a href="http://www.iwaves.net/~kschnei/bookmarks/">Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks</a><br>
<a href="2nd URL">Title of 2nd URL</a><br>
<a href="3rd URL">Title of 3rd URL</a><br>
<a href="4th URL">Title of 4th URL</a><br>
<a href="5th URL">Title of 5th URL</a><br>

e-mail:<a href="mailto:your email">your email again</a><br>
<!Your contact info here.>


Step 4
Sandwitch your title inside like<Title>My Home Page</Title>. Do the same with the header between <h1></h1>.

Step 5
Type in the name of the color you like between " ". Otherwise, go to color chart by Lynda and pick a combination of 0,3,6,9,c and F with a pound sign front. (For example, white is #FFFFFF) Fill in instead of ?????? in<body bgcolor="??????">. If you don't mind with going with default color, erase bgcolor="??????"

Step 6
Add URL of graphic or photo you want to add where it says <img src="http://???.???.???/????" align="right" >. For today, you can choose your face from Faces page. If you don't have any image, erase this whole line.

Step 7
Write your content after where it says,<!Write your body after this line.>

Step 8
Add URL of links. The first one is my bookmarks and that is an example. If you don't want to have any links, erase the whole line.

Step 9
Add e-mail links. Put your e-mail address where it says so. It will look like
e-mail:<a href="mailto:kschnei@sabotenweb.com">kschnei@sabotenweb.com</a>

Step 10
Add your contact info and body part. If you want to start a paragraph, start with <p> and if you want to change the line, finish with <br>

You are done! Make sure to say your work. Open your browser go to File Open to your desktop. Then open your html document and see how it looks on the browser! Once you feel OK off line, it is time to upload!

Copyright Keiko Schneider 1998-2000