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SenseiOnline is a listserv for teachers of Japanese who potenitally and currently use on-line materials in teaching. This page has information about senseiOnline listserv that will help to suit your needs.

Table of Contents

Changing e-mail adress
What if I forgot my password and/or Yahoo! ID?
Reading the Messages and Searching Previous Messages from the Web site
Managing your mail: Digest and Vacation mode
Managing your mail: Use Filter
Attachments: HTML Mail and Files Area
Live Benkyoukai and TAPPED IN
How to become a member at TAPPED IN
Reactivation Notice
Notify sender for receipt

Changing e-mail adress:

There is no "changing" so you have to unsubscribe from the old one and subscribe from the new one.

To Unsubscribe, send a blank message to:
To subscribe, send a blank message to:

If your new address is not a school account (i.e. doesn't contain .edu, .ac, k-12 so forth), it may be quicker to write to the list manager( directly since I need to verify who you are.


Registration will allow you to read/search previous messages, change subscription mode, access to Files area and so forth. I would like to recommend doing so.

Pattern One: You read senseiOnline from yahoo account (NOT
1. Go to senseiOnline page at YahooGroups
2. You should be able to use YahooID and password for your mail account to access the group web interface

Pattern Two: You already have YahooID (i.e. Yahoo email account, geocities account and so forth), but you use non-Yahoo account for senseiOnline
1. Go to senseiOnline page at YahooGroups
2. Assuming you are already receiving messages (meainng you are a member), click on "Already a member? Sign in to Yahoo! "
3. If you alreayd have YahooID (i.e. Yahoo email account, geocities account and so forth) type in your userID and password in "Existing Yahoo! users" box.
4. If you don't have alternate email address, you should jump to senseiOnline group page.
5. If you have multiple email address assigned to YahooID, it will ask you some questions to go through membership wizard (including email verification; check your email address for verification code, which email address to use with senseiOnline, .)
6. Finally you will come to the page that says, "Congratulations! You can now access the groups with your Yahoo! ID ****" and click Go to the My Groups page.
7. Click on senseiOnline and you are now accessing web interface. Phew!

Pattern Three: You don't have YahooID
1. Go to senseiOnline page at YahooGroups
2. Assuming you are already receiving messages (meaning you are a member), click on "Already a member? Sign in to Yahoo! "
3. Look to the left that says New to Yahoo!? and click on "Sign up now to enjoy Yahoo! Groups"
4. Sign up for your Yahoo! ID
5. Once you have Yahoo ID, click Continue to Yahoo!
6. It will take you to senseiOnline Group page and you will follow Pattern Two above.

IMPORTANT: When you register, you want to make sure your Marketing Preferences is set right. (I assume you do not wish to receive any at all.) Go to: and then scroll until you see Edit Your Marketing Preferences. Click there and select NO for everything including phone and mail solicitation.

What if I forgot my password and/or Yahoo! ID?

You can get a new password, a Yahoo! ID reminder, or both. Visit the Sign-in Problems page at and supply some basic verification information, such as your birthday and the ZIP or postal code you provided when you registered.

Make sure to provide the same information you gave during registration or when you last updated your account. Without the correct verification information, you will not be able to obtain a new password.

Reading the Messages and Searching Previous Messages from the Web site

To read the message via web at your group archive, you'll need to first register your e-mail address. Once you've registered and logged in, you will be able to read the messages via web.

You can read senseiOnline messages on the web by doing the following:
1. Go to
2. Click on Sign to the right and enter Yahoo ID and type in password
3. You will see most recent messages and you can search from the top page.
4. Or click on Messages on the left (under Home)
5. Messages are shown from most recent and you can search, jump to previous messages.

Managing your mail: Digest and Vacation mode

By default, your mail reading mode is by individual e-mail (E-mail Message). This list gets busy at times and you may want to change the mode to suit your needs.

Daily digest- Which is e-mailed once a day, and consists of the full message bodies of all the messages posted to that group in 24 hours.

Web Only/No Mail- You won't receive any messages in your e-mail account, but you keep being a member. Yahoo Groups considered this as vacation mode.

You can send the following messages from the account you read to change subscription mode.

Or if you are registered, you can do this on the web interface.
To set your subscription to receive digest:
You need to be registered to do it yourself. Please refer to Registation above.
1. Go to
2. Click on Sign to the right and enter Yahoo ID and type in password
3. Click on Delivery Options in blue banner where it says senseiOnline OR Delivery Options under Membership to the right 4. Change the subscription option to daily digest and click save changes

For vacation mode, you go through the step above and at #4, you can change to web only/no mail. Don't forget to go through the same procedure to put back either "Individual Emails" or "Daily Digest" mode when you are back from vacation!

Managing your mail: Use Filter

Another method to keep your message managed is to use "Filter" with your mail client.

  1. Make two new folders/mail boxes. One "SenseiOnline In" and "SenseiOnline Keep"
  2. Make a new filter. Call it senseiOnline. Tell it to when they have senseiOnline in subject, forward/move to "SenseiOnline In". In this way, senseiOnline messages won't show up in in box, but automatically go to this new folder/mail box.
  3. When you have time and you can take a deep breath, you can go to "SenseiOnline In" box and start reading messages with clear and ready mind.
  4. When you think it is worth keeping it, you can move to "SenseiOnline Keep".

My free Eudora Lite will let me use this filter function, so I trust you have something similar in your e-mail client.

Attachments: HTML Mail and Files Area

This list does not allow attachment with a post.

If you send HTML message to the group, it will not be permitted. Please refer to to turn OFF your HTML mail setting and send as plain text message.

Here is a good page that has links to instructions to turn off HTML mail in commonly-used email software.

If you want to share a file with other members, please use the Files area. You also need to be registered for both uploading and downloading.
1. Go to
2. Sign in with Yahoo ID and type in password
3. Click on Files on the left.
4. Click Add File
5. Go through your local hard drive to choose the document you want to share and write a short decription
6.Click "Upload File"
7. Then make an announcement in your post about the name of the file. People can also figure out from the date created.

Live Benkyoukai and TAPPED IN

senseiOnline is an online community and it uses Yahoo Groups, which you are reading, for asynchronous communication and TAPPED IN ( for benkyoukai, synchronous communication/workshop. senseiOnline listserv and TAPPED IN are two different things.

Please refer to future and past events information at

TAPPED IN is owned by SRI International and it hosts many online events for educators. Benkyoukai is just one of them. So being a member of senseiOnline listserv doesn't mean you are a member at TAPPED IN. Guests are welcome in participating benkyoukai, but members enjoy services and benefits and it is free for educators. (See below for application form.)

Transcript is edited by volunteer HelpDesk therefore it doesn't generate automatically. Please give us a few days to edit and post. If you are interested in the ones before April 2003, please contact the manager at
New ones are available at:

How to become a member at TAPPED IN.

The membership is free for educators and here is the application form

TAPPED IN has a user friendly interface, but here is the online guide.

It is a neat educator community online. If you have any questions, please write to

Reactivation Notice

If and when you recieve a message from Yahoo Groups with the subject "Please reactivate your Yahoo! Groups account", please follow the insturction and reply to get back in the group. This means YahooGroups couldn't deliver your messages and put you in bounced list and I had asked YahooGroups to send the probe to get back you in. This is not something the list manager can do on your behalf. Often your email server was temporary down, your mailbox was over quota or in some cases, ISP thinks YahooGroups messages are spam source and block senseiOnline messages for security measure. You will never get removed from the list unless you receive a message with human compassion first. So if you suspect something is wrong, please contact

Notify sender for receipt

Please disable this function from your e-mail client software when you post to the list. The confirmation will go to all members and when somebody makes a confirmation, it will go to Yahoo Groups not to you therefore the whole list will see little confirmation that the person had received the message. otesuu desuga yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

To Post a message, send it to:
To Unsubscribe, send a blank message to:

Sincerely yours,
Keiko Schneider
senseiOnline List Manager

version 9/19/03

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