SenseiOnline presents 41st Benkyoukai (Study Forum)
Michaela Kennedy "Using Technology for Japanese Advocacy"

February 19th (Thursday), 2004 at 6pm EST
February 19th (Thursday) 1pm Hawaii, 3pm PST, 5pm CST, 11pm London/GMT, February 20th (Friday) 8am Japan, 10am Sydney, noon New Zealand, if this calculation is correct. To be sure, please go to Timezone Converter

Featured speaker

Michaela Kennedy

Michaela Kennedy teaches Japanese at Middletown Public schools in Rhode Island. Thanks to a grant from the Japan Foundation four years ago, she was able to create a feeder program in the middle school that helped to advertise the course to soon-to-be incoming freshman. She lived and worked in Tokyo as an ESL teacher and freelance journalist for eight years. She also lived in Hawaii for five years and worked as an interpreter and Japanese tour guide.

Short description of the presentation

Internet Technology is the quickest way to reach a wide audience. Recently, more parents and taxpayers are tapping in to their local community page to find out what is happening in their schools. This venue can be used as a tool to advocate curricula. This paper offers an example of how a Japanese program fights to stay alive -- using IT -- in a public school

What is going to happen?

Kennedy sensei's paper is at

So read the paper above and go to TAPPED IN with the new interface. There, you will be able to discuss this topic with Kennedy sensei and others from around the world. TAPPED IN is open to everybody and the presentation will be done in English.

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