SenseiOnline presents 40th Benkyoukai (Study Forum)
Masako O. Douglas "Learning and teaching kanji: For students from an alphabetic background"

January 14th (Wednesday), 2004 at 3pm PST
January 14th (Wednesday) 1pm Hawaii, 5pm CST, 6pm EST, 11pm London/GMT, January 15th (Thursday) 8am Japan, 10am Sydney, noon New Zealand, if this calculation is correct. To be sure, please go to Timezone Converter

Featured speaker

Masako O. Douglas

Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach. Her research interests are acquisition of literacy in Japanese as a foreign/heritage langauge, and heritage language education (young learners and college students). She is a coordinator of Japanese Heritage Language SIG. She developed a course for college students of Japanese as a heritage language at California State University, Long Beach and University of California, Los Angeles. She has been developing a curriculum for young learners of Japanese as a heritage language at Kodomo no Ie Japanese langauge school. Kanji is the one of her primary areas of research as a part of literacy acquisition. She wrote a book of kanji, "A Practical Guide to Learning Kanji: For Learners from an Alphabetic Background" (McGraw-Hill).

Short description of the presentation

This paper has two folds. First, it discusses affective factors that the learners from an alphabetic background commonly share and the importance of keeping them well informed about kanji learning, utilizing research findings in order to lower the affective filters. Then it discusses about developmental differences in acquisition of kanji from elementary to advanced levels, and kanji learning strategies and instructional support for each level.

What is going to happen?

Douglas sensei's paper is at

So read the paper above and go to TAPPED IN with the new interface. There, you will be able to discuss this topic with Douglas sensei and others from around the world. TAPPED IN is open to everybody and the presentation will be done in English.

Where to go:

This event is open to anybody who is interested in the topic. It will be at MasakoD's office at

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