SenseiOnline presents 14th Benkyoukai (Study Forum)
Eiko Ushida "Learning about Language Learning B-Board Project
Elementary Japanese II"

August 8th (Wednesday), 2001 at 11am PDT
(8am Hawaii, 1pm CDT, 2pm EDT, 6pm GMT; 9th Thursday, 3am Japan, 4am Sydney, if this calculation is correct).

Featured speaker

Eiko Ushida

Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University

Short description of the presentation

Do you have any problems or difficulties teaching a target language (TL) using current network technology? What about your students? What should you do if your environment does not support the TL? Give up using the technology? Of course not!

This study forum introduces a pilot project aimed at helping students of Japanese language share and develop learning strategies using the university b-board system, where students discussed their learning experiences with classmates across the sections in English. Eiko Ushida shares some successful and unsuccessful stories of this project.

What is going to happen?

Ushida sensei's paper is at

So read the paper above and go to TAPPED IN. There will be Ushida sensei and other participants. TAPPED IN is open to everybody and the presentation will be done in English.

Where to go

This event is open to anybody who is interested in the topic. It will be at This will be part of Summer Carnival and there will be interesting sessions all day. Please ask around where this session would be when you log in. Keiko and KeikoS (both Keiko Schneider) and other HelpDesk volunteers will direct you to the right room.

Instructions to log in as a guest
1. Go to
2. Click the "Guest Login" Button on the TAPPED IN home page
3. Be patient while loading
4. When prompted in the bottom window, erase the text next to the word SAY, and type your name and hit return.
5. When loading is done, you will be in the Reception area.
6. To talk, type in the message in the window next to the word SAY. Then press the SEND button or the ENTER key
7. There will be HelpDesk to assist you to get to the right room.

Download and print this document. It will explain the interface really well.

System Requirements

TAPPED IN uses Java applet called TAPestry. It requires Java, frames and JavaScript which some older browsers do not support well. If you have problems, please read TAPPED IN's Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have problems connecting from a school computer, you may be behind firewall. Please read Firewall explanation in FAQ..

If you still need help, please mail TAPPED IN staff at


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